Meet The Founders

    Brandy AVENUE



I consider myself simple. I love seeing new places, spending time with those close to me and enjoying a good cup of coffee. Realizing coffee was more than just a drink, but a source of joy and ease for me, is what led me to pitching the idea of starting a coffee business to my wife, Michelle. The phrase,‘ do what you love and love what you do’ resonated with me deeply and I knew it was time to live that truth. So when it came to choosing my next path in life, I started with considering something that I absolutely love; coffee.

2020 reminded us that we have to put ourselves first. We owe our dreams a chance to flourish. Starting Enjoy Coffee was the perfect new addition to my life, which is now focused on creating joy in everything I do. Even the name ‘Enjoy Coffee’ was inspired by the concept of not just drinking & rushing through a coffee experience, but taking the time to enjoy the moments of savoring every sip. Life involves enough rush and hustle. We hope that when people drink Enjoy Coffee, it will inspire them to slow down and remind them to find joy in even the small moments of life. 


    Michelle AVENUE


I center passion in everything I do. As a scholar and educator, I aim to do work that is truly impactful to people and communities so when Brandy presented the idea for us to start our own coffee business, I immediately recognized the value of building a legacy. One that would not only impact our family, but the families of so many people around the world as we set out to disrupt the male-dominated coffee landscape & redistribute wealth to marginalized communities. 

Over the years, my wife's humble yet fierce sense of drive has inspired me to try new things, own my voice, and even step into entrepreneurship! But along the way, we've also come to understand how important it is for us to truly enjoy life and not get caught up "in the grind".

This idea is what birthed Enjoy Coffee company and we are so honored to be able to share our vision & journey with you!